Lumi Shadow Printing Kit

Price: $24.99


Everything you need to print your own canvas pouch using household items and the sun.

Inkodye is a new water-based dye that develops and fixes magically in sunlight, making it easier than ever to personalize your home and wardrobe. Anything that casts a shadow can make beautiful prints! 

Design your own canvas pouch using objects and shapes that block sunlight. It’s easy! Includes printable canvas pouch and supplies for one additional project. The kit also provides free access to an online video workshop with Lumi founder, Jesse Genet.

DIRECTIONS: Snap Inkodye packet and spread it onto the canvas pouch. Blot out excess using a paper towel. Place flat objects on top the fabric to design your pattern. Expose to sunlight for 10-20 minutes and watch the color appear! Machine wash using Inkowash to remove unexposed dye. Double your exposure time in overcast weather. 


  • 1 Inkodye Orange Snap Pack
  • 1 Inkodye Magenta Snap Pack
  • 1 Inkowash Detergent Snap Pack
  • Canvas pouch (8x4”)
  • Acrylic overlay (8x4”)
  • Instructions and step-by-step video

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