JUMP Cable

JUMP is your everyday charging cable: syncs and charges your smartphone, supports high-speed data transfer.

JUMP provides up to 1/3 of your smartphone’s power on the go: when you’re out and about and in need of an additional power - simply connect JUMP to your smartphone and start charging. Perfect for work, play or travel. 

JUMP charges automatically - without you ever having to remember to charge it. We have developed an intelligent technology called Auto Charge. Auto Charge redirects power to charge the batteries inside JUMP when your smartphone is fully charged, so JUMP is always charged and waiting for you. JUMP will never let you down.

JUMP is compact: Wrap it up and go - it's always with you. JUMP is no bigger than your average rolled up cable. It's lightweight - weighing less than two AA batteries. 

JUMP is smart: Features a precision engineered cable management system to keep your desk tidy - no need for messy wires. Robust to withstand the stresses of everyday use yet refined and stylish. 

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