Do you want to use your iPad for everything and leave your laptop at home? Well now you can. Touchfire is an ultra-thin, transparent keyboard that goes over your iPad's on-screen keyboard. It lets you feel the keys, rest your fingers on the home row, and type like you would on a regular keyboard. You can even type without looking! It's comfortable, fast and accurate. Touchfire attaches to your iPad magnetically, and gets out of the way instantly when you want to use the full screen. It even attaches magnetically to your iPad's cover and rolls up when you want to watch a video. It's always with you, but never in the way! It also comes with its own slim storage case for when you want to store it off your iPad. Touchfire is as revolutionary as when cell phones started to have built-in cameras. Whether you type all day or only occasionally need to reply to an email, Touchfire will always be there without adding noticeable bulk or weight. Note: Touchfire is not compatible with iPad screen protectors.

  • The world's thinnest, lightest iPad keyboard - thin as two credit cards and weighs just 3/8 of an ounce
  • "Touchfire turns the iPad into a laptop killer" - Fast Company | "An ingenious idea!" - Time Magazine
  • Patented 3-D keys cushion your fingers and give you just the right amount of resistance and spring-back.
  • Attaches magnetically to your iPad. Instantly retracts when you want to see the full screen.
  • Stores magnetically in your iPad's cover when not in use. Comes with its own slim storage case.

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