The HuMn Wallet

Price: $76.00


The HuMn Wallet adapts to the needs of the modern world. The design provides all the necessary functions of a wallet and eliminates the bulkiness and inconveniences of traditional wallets. The HuMn Wallet is practical by allowing access to the items you need in a concise and efficient manner.

The HuMn design has incorporated an aluminium or carbon fiber plate and durable elastic shock strap to take the place of a traditional leather bi-fold wallet.
Both aluminium and carbon fiber plates protect against RFID skimming by providing protection of your identity and credit cards.

The HuMn Wallet uses aircraft grade aluminum powder-coated to a buttery finish with laser engraved HuMn logo, durable shock cord strap, and a microfiber bag. It’s about the size of a credit card, highly functional, stylish, and minimal.

HuMn Wallet Mini
Width: 3.80″ (96.52mm)
Height: 2.53″ (64.26mm)
Thickness: .10″ (2.54mm)

HuMn Wallet 2
Width: 3.85″ (97.79mm)
Height: 2.96″ (75.18mm)
Thickness: .10″ (2.54mm)

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